Knee Sleeves - 7mm

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Get your hands on our newest 7mm Knee Sleeves.  Plain black outer featuring Bullitt logos in blue.  Inner is our signature Bullitt repeater pattern.  Can be reversed!

Why 7mm?  Perfect for weightlifting, general heavy lifting and shorter workouts.  You can easily flip them down mid workout should you need the support but prefer not to have them in place when running or rowing etc.  The slightly thicker material allows you to get that little bounce out of the bottom of a squat, great for wall balls ;) 

The compression feeling provides warmth and support.  Knee sleeves are an aid, they will allow you to lift for longer and/or heavier weight while feeling supported.  If you experience knee pain, you should always consult your doctor. 

Our knee sleeves can be thrown in the wash.  They can get stinky, so we suggest you leave them out to air dry after every use.  When it is time to pop them in the wash, we suggest using a wash bag, wash on cold and add a splash of cheap white vinegar to your tub. 

Sold in pairs.