About Us

Geoff & Theresa Stinson, the husband and wife team behind Bullitt Fit Gear bring to you a local brand that is proud to produce quality apparel that is sensibly priced.  

Bullitt owners Geoff & Theresa

Geoff is an active military member who loves to train, he inspired Theresa to cut out the cardio and start lifting weights.  After a fair bit of time training together in globo gyms, and inspired by an early Games viewing on ESPN, they tried CrossFit.  Both continue to train this methodology today.  

It was in this market that they found that the apparel targeted at the athletes lacked original pieces at sensible prices.  Of course you could pop into the local sports store and pick up some big name products, but what were you paying for?  A shirt that was boring, worn by the bloke/chick next to you and had nothing on it, other than a logo, 2 if you were lucky!

As a teen Geoff loved to screen-print shirts for him and his buddies and after much discussion, Bullitt was born.  Starting out simply as a t-shirt business, they have grown to a business offering all mens & womens functional fitness apparel as well as high quality fitness accessories.  They continue to stick to their original ethos of limited runs of items, Bullitt fans know you won't see a re-release of the same thing.  So once it's gone it's gone!

Bullitt started out 2014 in studio 889 in the Fortitude Valley, but quickly grew into the need for more space.  In 2018, they moved into Bullitt HQ at Dinmore, QLD where all aspects of the business are under one roof, from printing to packaging and everything in between!

You will see Geoff & Theresa popping up at all sorts of events to support the local community.  Taking a leaf out of the food truck phenomenon,  they've created a one of a kind pop up shop with a custom designed trailer named McGregor.