RAAF CrossFit Official T-Shirts

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RAAF CrossFit Official T-Shirts


In May 2019, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) became the first military organisation in Australia to recognise the sport of CrossFit.  A lot of hard work went into getting this over the line so why not represent!    

With several members competing at the elite level, and representation in local boxes Australia wide it makes sense that Air Force members would want to be recognised as both a CrossFitter and Air Force personnel. 

Fitness is pretty synonymous with the Military but we all know the benefits of being fit generally.  An article written by United States Cadet Gloria Reed (Published May 11, 2020) gets into the benefits of exercise specific to Military members.  

Bullitt owner, Geoff has been in the Air Force for almost 20 years, so when the opportunity arose to work with the affiliate to do a shirt release, he couldn't say no! 

After a sold out release of navy blue RAAF shirts in 2019, they are back, now with 3 options available.  Grab the original navy tee which is approved to wear with your GPUs, or choose from light grey or dark greyKeep an eye out for other new releases. 

While the RAAF spearheaded this work, wouldn't it be amazing to see Army and Navy follow suit.  Who's willing to put in the work LOL!! 

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